UK Online Bingo Players Get More Choice

UK Bingo has a long and proud history, with the game hardly changing in hundreds of years. The 3 by 9 bingo card is recognizable to anybody in the UK and the Commonwealth. Australia and New Zealand have adapted our game exactly, and the rest of the Commonwealth is quickly holding up with our level of play.

Winning is just as well known, with awards for lines, double lines and the Full House and has moved outside bingo, with even poker hands being named after the big bingo win.
But bingo has a much more interesting history than you might think, bingo doesn't only have its British history, or even its European one. Bingo is worldwide, with millions of people playing it in such far flung places as Japan and the United States of America. Indeed bingo's popularity has taken off in every corner of the world.

Bingo's big increase in the US came when a New York toy salesman, Edwin S. Lowe, marked the popularity of a game called 'Beans' being played by visitors to a carnival sideshow. When he talked to the caller, he discovered that on most nights games would last deep into the night, only finishing when the caller would shoot them off, often at such late times as 3am. 'Beano' was such a big draw that unless the caller put his foot down and forced people to leave, the games would never have stopped.

The game he marked was played on cards where the numbers would be covered by beans, hence 'Bean'. The Americans by then had made the card a little different, it was now 5 squares by 5, but this permitted them to make up lots of new ways to win. From patterns such as arrows, or small squares made up by 4 by 4 grids on the new cards, the prospective was endless..

These new designs made bingo even more exciting, and with the advent of online bingo, now UK bingo players can try their hand at the new deviations of the game. Many online bingo sites offer both the classic 3 by 9 square UK bingo and the new 5 by 5 square bingo, so that players can choice and choose what to play themselves.

The designs add real spice to the game, with even more chances to win small prizes, on the way up the big prizes for lines and the Full House.

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